02 August 2006

Duncan Grant & the Bloomsbury Group

Duncan Grant came from a privileged upper class family in Scotland where he spent childhood holidays with his cousins the Stracheys (including Lytton Strachey who later became his lover) amidst a family whose eccentric behaviour reads like the events of a PG Wodehouse story. He went to school in Rugby with Rupert Brooke and then lived with Lytton Strachey at Lancaster Gate. Douglas Turnbaugh's narrative weaves in an out of his many affaires as a young man - Strachey, Arthur Hobhouse, John Maynard Keynes - but also emphasises his hard work in trying to become a successful artist, studying the old masters, copying them, and attending art schools in London and Paris. Grant's life merged with that of the Bloomsbury set when he took up residence with the Stephens in Gordon Square. He and Keynes shared the ground floor; Adrian Stephen was on the first floor; Virginia Woolf on the second; and her future husband Leonard Woolf was on the top floor ... Read more >>


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