02 July 2006

Roger Fry: A Biography

This is one of the last books Virginia Woolf wrote, and it is a tribute from one artist to another, an account of Fry's aesthetics, and one of her many excursions into biography. Actually, it's almost a joint production, because much of the text rests on direct quotations from Fry's own journals and his letters to friends. It starts with his family background of radical Quakers, a quite strict upbringing, and his interest in science and the natural world. He was a studious youth who blossomed when he went to Cambridge and was elected to the semi-secret society of 'Apostles' who were what would be called free-thinkers (and coincidentally formed the basis of what would later be the Bloomsbury Group). Despite getting a first in science, he switched to the study of Art and travelled to Italy and France on a sort of autodidactic Grand Tour to bring himself into contact with the masters ... Read more >>


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