10 April 2006

Information Age Journalism

This is a book which looks at the state of journalism (newspaper, radio, and TV) in the context of globalisation of media control and the Internet age of instant communication. Vincent Campbell starts with a look at the decline in newspaper circulation - a more-or-less universal. phenomenon. The dangers he sees as the monopolisation of ownership, tabloidization or dumbing down, and the onset of the Internet which has thrown everything into a state of uncertainty. He looks at the relationship between journalism and the state, and points out that whilst most people in liberal democracies argue for the removal of state controls, when they are replaced by the demands of the free market they do not diminish but simply change their form. This leads to a detailed examination of the concept of 'press freedom', with examples drawn from all over the world - only forty percent of which is 'free' ... Read more >>

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yankunian said...

A book about "information age" journalism that barely mentions blogging? Is that a joke?

Roy said...

Yes, I'm afraid that's a big weakness here Yankunion, but the other strengths of the book did help to make up for it.