29 March 2006

Among the Bohemians — book review

For almost half a lifetime I have marvelled at the way Bloomsbury bohemians organised their private lives. Switching partners, even sexes in their life choices? They took it in their stride. Menage a trois? Easy-peasy. Menage a quatre? Can be done. How on earth did they manage it? Virginia Nicholson's book is an answer to that question. She looks in detail at the way bohemian English people (largely artists and writers) organised their lives in what we would now call an 'alternative' manner and went out of their way to live La Vie Boheme. It's an enormously entertaining book, packed with anecdotes on every page and written by the daughter of Quentin Bell, who was the son of Vanessa Bell, who in her turn was Virginia Woolf's sister. This is a very telling provenance ... Read more >>


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