05 February 2006

Al Salam 98 and Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim - Click for details at Amazon.co.ukA young sea captain takes a group of travellers on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On return his vessel gets into difficulties (faulty bulkhead letting in water - that sort of thing) - and he panicks. He does the very thing which no ship's captain ought to do: he deserts his own ship, along with his engineers and the first mate Jim, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves. Does all of this sound familiar? Of course it does. It's the plot of Joseph Conrad's novel Lord Jim, which was written in 1901, a century before the current Egyptian tragedy. In the book Jim goes into voluntary exile in the South Seas as a form of penance and self-effacement, before redeeming himself morally at the end of the novel with a heroic act of self-sacrifice. Whether Sayyed Omar, captain of the Al-Salam Boccaccio 98 goes on to do so remains to be seen. Meanwhile you can read more about Joseph Conrad HERE

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Mohamed Omar said...

I am the Son of Captain Sayed Omar, Captain of Salam 98. All Witness and profs have proved that Capt Sayed Omar did not leave the ship and stayed on board to the last moment trying ti save the ship

islamventura said...

did you sound the black box (VDR)?

please try to find it

he said " i am the captain "
he said " don't tell any near ship avoiding any problem "
he made a lot of mistakes

they said" the ship sunk "
he said " wait for me "

Anonymous said...

right captain said make alot of mistackes