12 October 2005

Nighty Night

The second seies of a comic masterpiece sadly finished on UK TV last night. Nighty Night is television comedy at its very best: tightly plotted, well acted, and edited to stand on a sixpence - (that's about 0,03 Euros in new money). Julia Davis' genius is to push the format as far as it will go. Her principal character is a desperate, manic, and totally unprincipled woman (that's putting it mildly) and the story line includes secondary issues of disablement, sex, death, betrayal, madness, and general mayhem. It's the sort of comedy which probably makes other countries think "What the hell is this ...?!" It's black; it pushes the boundaries; it makes middle England's toes curl. But don't let anybody tell you it's improbable or far-fetched. The tabloids are full of this sort of behaviour. Jeez! I've even seen it in my own extended family during the last couple of years - psycho-dramas in the hospital ward, the solicitor's office, and the graveyard. Anyway, if you've missed it you can watch back episodes on line at BBC3
Go Julia - go!

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