26 June 2005

Mud and Music

In a moment of weakness on a hot midsummer night, I poured another drink and switched on TV to watch the music from Glastonbury. Poor sods in all that rain and mud! How do they keep clean? But oh dear - the music. Fatboy Slim was utterly ridiculous and embarrassing, forced to pretend that he was engaged with his prerecorded music - occasionally pointing to the sky to indicate true coolness. Even worse was headline feature of the night, White Stripes - a duo of unmitigated, derivative shite. Fortunately, one button switch away was one of my local stations with a recital of Andalucian cante hondo. No gimmicks, no pre-recorded tapes, no overdubbing, no flashing lights - just deeply plangeant acoustic guitar and voice. Muchas gracias Canal Sur.

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