11 May 2005

Dictionary of British Politics

My friend Bill Jones has just published another title in the series he edits on UK politics today. His Dictionary of British Politics is a reference book which offers potted biographies of prominent members of parliament (including bits of gossip); explanations and definitions of key terms, offices of state, and political events; and explanations of some of the arcane parliamentary rules. Woven in as a sort of sub-text are sketches of the other institutions such as pressure groups and media companies who have an influence on political life in the UK today. For those interested, he's also just started a blog on the same subject at SKIPPER.

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Anonymous said...

Just to say that I think this is a book which it should be illegal not to have in every house, subject to a week in the slammer.
A very Angry(anonymous) Person

roy said...

Well Angry and Anonymous, you are not the first person to be inflamed by my friend's writing.

We once had a student who commented that Bill's book on 'British Politics Today' had "changed his life" - and then went on to reveal that he was currently in a psychiatric secure unit.

Anonymous said...

How do you know I'm not that same person? This is a dangerous author. Oh Yes.