18 September 2004

Ecriture Feminine?

In the world of literary criticism, there are some people who believe that women write differently than men. I won't bore you with details of the slightly crackpot theory. If you are inclined to believe such notions, you can put them to the test by reading Belle de Jour: the diary of a London call girl. It's an award-winning blog written with a fair amount of polish and style. The customers and their habits; life in contemporary London; the boy friend; knickers and lipstick.

But it's written 'anonymously' - so you can't really tell if it's genuine or not. There's plenty of evidence either way. Convincing female point of view; male foibles well analysed; and plenty of gynaecological detail - all well recounted. But it's the content I find suspicious. Sex with clients; sex with the boyfriend; sex with ex-boyfriends; sex with pickups; sex with herself - and it's ALL good.

Actually, the blog has been paused recently - because it's being published between hard covers in the new year. By Wiedenfeld and Nicolson - and that makes me a bit suspicious too. You can expect a flurry of publicity soon, and attempts to reveal the 'real' author. It could be written by a woman of course - but is it genuine? Have a look for yourself, and post a comment.

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