19 October 2012

Lance Armstrong - the solution

Lance Armstrong could still make a significant contribution to the fight against drug abuse in cycle racing. The solution? Simply make a full confession - naming names, dates, and practices. Sure - he will lose a lot of supporters - but he's already doing that. He will also lose sponsors - but they are deserting the sinking ship already. And he may end up in court - but that too is already likely. Ironically, if he makes a full confession, he may get more lenient treatment because of public sympathy for someone who has fallen so far from grace.

Most importantly, he should blow the whistle on the Verbruggens and McQuaids who have done so much to damage the sport of cycle racing - in the name of defending it. The change of personnel needs to start right at the top. The process has already begun with the sacking of team managers and major dopers this week. That process should continue - and Armstrong could give one hell of a Big Push if he had the guts. But I doubt that he has.

04 October 2012

Jimmy Savile

There was a text version transcript of a reputed out-take from "Have I Got News for You" in which Paul Merton and Angus Deayton mercilessly expose Jimmy Savile as a man who has interfered with under-aged girls and deterred investigation with threats. It circulated widely on the Internet in the 1990s and beyond. This has since proved to be a fake. But the question remains - if it was a fabrication, how come the person who wrote it knew in so much detail what now appears to be the truth?